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Wellness Fresh: Interview with Dr. Blake Banner

Wellness is a mini-interview series we’ve curated to highlight influential and innovative wellness advocates, practitioners and entrepreneurs.



Dr. Blake Banner is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in Reiki, Physical Therapy and Life Coaching.

 Her mission: “To empower others to take charge of their body, mind and spirit by promoting holistic healing and wellness.”



🌱 What was your inspiration for diving into a wellness practice/lifestyle?

BB: My inspiration for transitioning to a lifestyle centered around wellness came from a deeper need to understand who I am and what my soul purpose was. Prior to starting my journey I always knew there were so many layers of myself that remained untouched - I became committed to peeling back those layers by reading and researching wellness practices that I resonated with then putting them in action. When I started reaping the benefits of consistently working towards my wellness goals it became addicting and I wanted to share the information, tactics and techniques with others.


🌱 How has being more intentional about your wellbeing changed the way you navigate the world?

BB: I've noticed that I'm less impacted by external events since being more intentional with my wellness and spiritual journey. I understand that I have a thousand worlds inside of me and that's enough to maintain, I don't concern myself with what I can't control or what other people have going on. I've been able to focus on me, my feelings and how I want to live my life.


🌱 What are some of your favorite wellness practices?

BB: This is such a hard question for me because of course I want to say ALL - but if I had to pick a top 2 it would be meditation and sound healing with singing bowls. Meditation is the glue that keeps me together, I see it as a reset button which is why I love leading others through guided meditation and incorporating it in most things that I do. Sound Healing is always a transcendental experience for me, being immersed in the vibration of the singing bowls during a sound bath just puts me in the best of moods and energizes me to tackle anything that day or week.


🌱 What is one of the biggest misconceptions about wellness that you have encountered?

BB: "One Size Fits All" - what works for one does not mean it will work for all and that's the biggest point I want to emphasize to people. Never feel like you have to do "x, y & z" because you saw some well-known celebrity or guru do it. Do what works best for YOU. The wellness journey is very personal and specific to the individual so it's extremely important to do what feels natural for you and tailor your experience to be as unique as you are.


🌱 What does wellness mean to you?

BB: Wellness, to me, means actively pursuing passions, goals and participating in activities that make you feel good but are also good for the body and soul. To be well is to be fulfilled, feeling whole from a holistic standpoint.


🌱 Any words of advice for those wanting to start their own personal wellness journey or start a wellness-based business?

BB: First I would say be authentic, no one is better at being you than you and that makes you special and stand out. Go at your own pace, don't compare your journey (or progress) to anyone else, breathe and fill yourself up with positive affirmations. Those are great foundations to achieve anything you set out to do.





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