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Wellness Fresh: Interview with Cydney Irby

Wellness is a mini-interview series we’ve curated to highlight influential and innovative wellness advocates, practitioners and entrepreneurs.




In 2012, after struggling with depression and seeking purpose, Cydney Irby decided to take her mental health into her own hands. As a result, By Cydneyrai and Dream On Youth were born.
Read on to learn more about the self-proclaimed #QueenOfSelfCare.

🌱 What was your inspiration for diving into a wellness practice/lifestyle?

CI: About 8 years ago, I went into a very depressive state and asked God to show me my purpose in life. At 2 am the next day, I started @dreamonyouth on Twitter and made it my mission to help end the mental health stigma, to talk about the hard stuff, and to reach college students on a global scale.


🌱 How has being more intentional about your wellbeing changed the way you navigate the world?

CI: Becoming the boss lady of Dream On Youth and more recently, the Queen of Self-Care on Instagram, has made me more aware of myself, my actions, my mindset, and my circle of control. It's also made me more presents in my relationships and allowed me to set better boundaries when it comes to work, friends, family, etc. I am even more aware of the relationship I have with my mind and my body. I strive to take better care of myself daily and advocate for my own rest.


🌱 What are some of your favorite wellness practices?

CI: 1. Naps

2. Mindfulness (journaling, yoga, meditation)

3. Walk and talk meetings at work

4. Time management (blocking out my breaks and lunches at work, blocking out my working hours at home)

5. Personal development research

6. Creative outlets (blogging, photography, poetry, etc)

7. Mindful eating thanks to food delivery (Misfits Market, Splendid Spoon) and cooking generally more plant-based meals


🌱 What is one of the biggest misconceptions about wellness that you have encountered?

CI: That plant-based = being vegan, and that's not the case. P.S. If we're not talking food, the most irritating misconception for me is that self-care starts and ends with bubble baths and face masks.


🌱 What does wellness mean to you?

CI: Wellness is the proactive, ongoing self-care of you as a whole: mind, body, and spirit.


🌱 Any words of advice for those wanting to start their own personal wellness journey or start a wellness-based business?

CI: Start today with one small action. It could be better water intake, waking up earlier to do meditation, journaling before you go to bed, or getting a budget together (financial wellness exists too). Start small and do it every single day for 21 days. Once that's a consistent habit, then start to add in more. The key is to simplify your wellness routine, not overwhelm yourself.


Business: By Cydneyrai, Dream on Youth 


Social Media Handles: @ItsCydneyRai @DreamOnYouth 

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