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Plant-Based Fresh: Chef TR

Plant Based Fresh is a mini-interview series we’ve curated to highlight influential and innovative plant-based/vegan advocates, chefs and entrepreneurs.



Tasha Robinson, aka Chef TR, is a certified raw vegan chef, vegan nutrition specialist and owner of TR Creations LLC. She is also the creator of the deliciously delectable UN-Cheesecake and one of the cultivators of the Charleston Sol Food Veg Fest.


🌱There are many reasons people are inspired to eat plant-based. What was your inspiration for eating plant-based/vegan?

TR: My inspiration was to live healthier life and to live in balance with nature.


🌱How has eating plant based/vegan changed the way you navigate the world?

TR: It changed how I see people and situations, for example in my plant- based health journey I'm always healing and evolving physically, mentally and spiritually in that I have more compassion for people and what they maybe going through in this thing we call life.


🌱What are some of your favorite herbs to work with?

TR: I have so many...turmeric, holy basil, basil, burdock root, thyme, ginger, soursop, oregano, elderberry. I'm discovering new herbs however, those are just a snippet of my go-tos


🌱What is one of the biggest misconceptions about eating plant-based that you have encountered?

TR: People feel plant-based foods are bland and boring and all there is to eat is salad or tofu.


🌱Can you share your favorite meal with us?

TR: My favorite meals are buddha bowls, they are bright and full of flavor and different textures.


🌱What does eating sustainably mean to you?

TR: Eating sustainably to me is growing my food as much as I can and learning how to regrow food plus recycling plastic, paper, glass and aluminum products.


🌱Any words of advice for those transitioning to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle or wanting to start a business?

TR: My advice is to do the research, be guided by intuition and knowledge. This is a personal journey and each individual has a different path. As for business, create what you are passionate about then find a niche that you may be able to serve people.




Social Media Handles: @chef_tr

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